Umarex .50 Cal. 350 Grain SLA Flat Head Slug Air Rifle Ammo – Box 20


The Umarex Hammer is a serious big bore air rifle that needs serious ammo. The UX SLA (Solid Lead Ammo) series slug is custom-made just for the Hammer’s .510 diameter bore. For great overall performance, this 320-grain hollowpoint is a perfect match. Expect velocities for this round to be in the 940 FPS range which will translate to over 640 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle. These SLA slugs are sold in a 20 count box.


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Looking for the sweet spot for your Umarex Hammer ammo choice? Look at the UX SLA 350 grain slug from Umarex. This monolithic slug is made from soft lead and has a flat tip and base which optimizes it for use in the .50 caliber Umarex Hammer high pressure big bore air rifle. With a true diameter of .510 inch, this hard hitting 350 grain slug is the perfect choice for dumping all it’s energy into soft bodied targets for safe and humane game harvesting. 

  • 350 Grain Slug
  • Made for the Umarex Hammer PCP Rifle
  • Flat Head
  • Soft Lead
  • 20 Count Box
  • SLA = Solid Lead Ammo
Weight 2 lbs



Umarex Air Guns

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