What is Competition Target Shooting?

Competitive shooting has been around since the creation of firearms. The Olympic Games unified the various shooting sports around the world into internationally governed shooting events. Many nations like the USA still hold on to their own set of National Shooting Rules that go back to the founding of the sports. The ISSF rules govern international shooting events where as the NRA still has it’s own set of rules. Freeland’s Sports LLC makes equipment for both ISSF and NRA shooting events. As a rule of thumb ISSF rules are more strict then NRA rules which is why many people prefer the NRA shooting events. There are various clubs across the USA and around the world that can help you get started on the road to marksmanship. Many 4H, Scouting, High School JROTC, NCAA shooting programs keep the sport growing.

For NRA shooting event information please visit https://competitions.nra.org/ Many of our products are used in the National Rifle and Pistol Championships as well as many other state and local shooting events.

For International Shooting events visit https://www.issf-sports.org/
Many of the ISSF items we make are used in the Collegiate shooting events which can be found here https://competitions.nra.org/competitions/nra-national-matches/collegiate-championships/