Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods:

All orders ship either by USPS or UPS.

You must be 18 years or older to place an online order and comply with all local, state and national laws. 

You may select your preferred shipping method at checkout. Our website will give you an estimated shipping rate. In many cases the estimated rate will be higher then the actual rate. If the difference between the actual rate and the estimated rate is more than $1 we will reduce the shipping cost to the actual rate. If the shipping estimate is considerably under the actual rate we will notify you and alert you of the shipping discrepancy and ask if you still want to proceed. 

1) If the USPS priority mail estimate says $11 for shipping but the item fits and ships in a flat rate box of $8.30 we will automatically adjust the invoice and charge you $8.30 for shipping when the order is processed. 

2) If the shipping estimator states shipping is $11 but the order requires multiple packages to deliver and the actual cost is $20. We will contact you regarding the situation with the actual shipping costs to see how you would like us to proceed. 

Order Comments

There is a comment field on the checkout page were you can make requests like:

  • Don’t ship until you e-mail me the actual shipping rate
  • Ship Cheapest Way
  • Need item by December 21st. 

We will read your comments and do as you ask us to do.


Order Processing Time

Orders usually ship within 1-5 days, with a majority of orders shipping within 2 days. 

Be aware that a shippers estimated delivery date may not always be accurate. Occasionally it takes longer for a delivery based on weather emergencies, signature requirements,  and many other situations. Shipper’s estimated delivery dates are just that; estimated. 

Back Ordered Items:
Some back ordered items are hard to predict when they will be available. We will notify you when the back ordered items are available.