RWS Spring Cylinder Oil Lube by Umarex


  • Lubricants, oils, and quality airgun cleaning materials made by RWS and recommended by Umarex USA gunsmiths.
  • Made in USA by Umarex
  • Part # 2167511

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RWS Spring Cylinder Oil is ideal for the piston chamber of your spring powered air rifles. It’s also ideal for pivot points such as break barrel hinges and linkage and trigger pivots. You can also use it to wipe the metal parts of your air gun to prevent rust.

For use with all airguns whether CO2 powered, pneumatic pumps, or spring piston. Okay to use in place of RWS Chamber Lube if you run out of that airgun oil.

Here’s a great guide on airgun maintenance:

  • Made in USA by Umarex
  • Part # 2167511
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