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JÄGGI NOVA – Shooting glasses Frame for pistol shooters


The Jaggi Shooting Glasses Frame is the most ridged and easiest to use shooting glass frames on the market. They are adjustable without any special tools. Once the adjustments are set you can be confident nothing is going to change even if your glasses are bumped which is a common problem with other brand shooting glasses frames. 

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JAGGI NOVA – Shooting glasses frame for pistol shooters

Practical design, simple handling and extraordinary solidity are the main features of these successful ahg-shooting glasses. A wide range of accessories ensures optimal conditions for all shooters even with strong visual defects and under extreme light conditions. The glasses can be used for Rifle, pistol and open sight shooting. Adjustable lens holder has angle design for rifle and straight loop for pistol. Quick and easy adjustments are possible without the need of tools. The square frame bar prevents the lens holder form unintentional movement while shooting. The eye blinder is adjustable and can be swiveled in and out of position as required. comfortable ear holders prevent pressure and sliding. Nose bridge can be custom fitted and is easily adjusted for height. 

 The glasses can be used for rifle and pistol shooting by changing the lens holder. Laser scaling on frame, lens frame and nose piece facilitate repeatable adjustments. 

Supplied in a small handy case.

Item Numbers

Item Nr.:9002-31 Shooting glasses as above + lens frame 31 mm.
Item Nr.:9002-42 Shooting glasses as above + lens frame 42 mm.
Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1.5 in

Straight Loop 31mm, Straight Loop 42mm