Freeland’s Universal Bipod Scope Stand 5/8″ Rod


The Freeland Bipod Scope Stand is the best known stand in the shooting industry with almost a century of service. It is made of aluminum with a brown heavy duty powder coat finish and is available with various head assemblies to meet any need. See below for more details on the heads. We also sell the heads by themselves and have even more details there. 

The Freeland Bipod Scope Stand is the best known stand in the shooting industry. It is made of aluminum with a brown heavy duty powder coat finish and available with either the saddle head, zoom head, or swivel head and new ball swivel assembly.

The Regal Saddle Head is adaptable to most any scope, holding it in a clamp ring which is ideal for scopes with damaged mounts or older scopes without 1/4×20 mounts. Saddle head is available in standard clamp ring 2.25″ to 3.25″ or large clamp ring 3.25″ to 4.25″.

The Regal Zoom Head is made for scopes with the “boss” mount 1/4″ x 20 thread. It’s ideal for 45 degree scopes that come with a rotating band mount. 

The Regal Swivel Head works just like the zoom head but it adds the ability to swivel the scope up and down which is ideal for 45 degree scopes that do not come with a rotating band. The friction knobs are set with the desired friction setting and allow you to move the scope into position without having to mess with knobs. 

The Ball Swivel Head is the newest option and comes with a removable mounting plate which allows you to quickly disconnect the spotting scope from the stand. It can hold over 20lbs with ease so it’s ideal for large heavy scopes. This Freeland 1.5″ ball swivel is a superior design to many other ball swivels on the market and will work with any scope that has a standard 1/4×20 scope/camera mount. 

The Regal Ball Swivel Head is the same as above but adds the Freeland Regal Head Assembly which gives you fine up/down adjustment via the fine elevation adjustment knob. 

The Freeland Bipod features quick adjustment for elevation and allows for full panoramic view allowing easy left and right adjustment without elevation loss. It comes complete with one standard size 5/8” x 21″ steel extension, tools for adjustment, carry ball, pan-view collar, thread cap and the new friction washer system.  The new Universal Bipod design can accept 5/8″ rods all the way up to 1.3″ diameter rods. The Freeland Bipod uses a universal channel mount on both the base and the heads which eliminates wobble or slop  and has  3 inches of rod gripping power which is the most of any stand on the market. Each leg has a leveling knob so you can level the stand if you are un-even terrain which is common with outdoor shooting. Weighs 4.5 pounds.

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 6 × 7 in

Swivel, Saddle Standard, Saddle Large, Zoom, Ball Swivel, Regal Ball Swivel



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