Blackbeard AR Dry Fire Training System (simulates live fire)


  • Realistic dry fire training on your AR-15
  • Save thousands on ammunition
  • Used by the US Marine Corps, US Army, and Special Forces
  • Quick and easy setup
No Laser – MT-5001
Moneyback GuaranteeMade in the USA

You want to be able to do dry fire practice with your AR-15 without having to run the charging handle between shots.  An auto-resetting trigger sounds like the perfect thing.

This is not a drop-in trigger kit that you can swap with your trigger.  This is not a modification to your existing trigger.  This is a drop-in Bolt Carrier Group + magazine that works with your existing trigger.  It has the same weight, break, and reset. Your dry fire practice just became 100x more effective and engaging.

Using electromechanical wizardry, Blackbeard allows you to take up to 10 dry fire shots per second, quickly resetting the hammer between each shot.  The ultimate AR trigger reset machine.

Installation takes less than a minute.  Break open your AR, remove the bolt carrier group, drop in Blackbeard, close your baby up, and put the magazine in place to provide the power.  It’s a 20 second change-out.  Dry fire away, counting how much money you’re saving with every sweet trigger break and reset that you hear.

Note: all Blackbeards support both direct impingement and piston-driven ARs.

Technical Laser Details:

No Laser (auto resets trigger with no laser)
650 nm, 60ms pulse duration, Continuous wave for the Red laser
520 nm, 60ms pulse duration, Continuous wave for the Green laser

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Get the most realistic training with your AR, using your trigger, your grip, and your sights, with the Blackbeard Auto-resetting Trigger System. No alteration to your trigger pull and no alteration to the reset equals meaningful dry fire reps that translate directly to your live fire performance. Also important: no more having to run the recharge handle between every shot, so no training scars or development of improper muscle memory. Blackbeard’s optional laser indicator further enhances your training with visual representation of where your “shots” land, as it fires down the barrel with every press of the trigger.

Quick and easy to install, Blackbeard replaces your bolt carrier and magazine, making for simple transition from work to play and back again. The magazine battery pack is good for 100,000 shots per charge; we’ll let you do the math on the obvious cost savings versus your favorite ammo. Finally, the Blackbeard is rated to reset as quick as 10 shots per second, so once you’re ready to rock so too will be your gear.



Blackbeard’s variety of laser options provide an extra layer of feedback during your training. Not only does this allow you to see where your shots land on your own, it can also pair with our Laser Academy training system for deeper interactivity and performance assessment. Laser Academy’s practice modes and targets add movement, timing, and scoring to the equation for dynamic sessions that greatly enhance the quality of your trigger time, every time. 

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No Laser, Red Laser, Green Laser



Mantis X training system for shooting sports

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