AHG-Anschutz Swing Sling


The AHG-Anschutz Swing sling is a ISSF feature rich synthetic black rifle sling ensuring the maximum amount of adjustments. 

Select Right Handed Shooter or Left Handed Shooter.
Example: A “right handed shooter” sling goes on the left arm. 


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The AHG-Anschutz swing sling is the latest development of ahg-Anschütz. This is a sling with combined precise adjustment.

This sling offers the following advantages:

  • Easy adjustment of length with one hand while staying in position.
  • Automatic axial adaption of the forepart of the sling to guarantee a permanent optimum application of force in position.
  • Sling fixing and sling are connected by a special persenning closure with which it is possible to couple and uncouple the sling quickly with one hand.
  • The arm sling with 4 times adjustable reception for the persenning closure guarantees an optimum sling position. In addition the arm sling can be individually adapted to the upper arm by a buckle.
  • Special, non-extendable sling material with textile inlay guarantees optimum stability.

Optimum connection of the sling to the shooter‘s jacket is ensured by a slewable metal clip on the ahg sling into which the hook of the shooting jacket engages. In this manner slipping of the sling is prevented.

  • Pliable, no-stretch material guarantees constant sling length.
  • Optimum connection to the shooter´s jacket.
  • Freely mobile metal catch is hooked to the shooting jacket.
  • No slipping of the sling.

Item Number 341

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 3 in

Right Handed, Left Handed




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