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Pistol Scoring Gauge Magnifier Overlay

Specs: .38 / .45       (.357” / .452”)

The Eagle Eye scoring gauge is unique as it allows you to score a target without using a plug. Plugs can damage a target and are therefore only allowed to be used by the official scoring authority for the initial scoring and again for a score challenge. This gauge allows the shooter to examine a target either before or after a plug has been used without damaging the target. It is also very helpful when there are a cluster of shots which makes a scoring plug difficult to use. 

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These very popular handgun magnifying scoring gauges allow for the scoring of the target without plugging the shot hole. They are especially useful for the scoring of postal match targets or competition targets where the shooter is not allowed to plug. The target can be scored without disturbing the hole. This is the only way to score targets with multiple shot holes which are clustered together. Targets can be checked right on the range by the shooter before it is officially scored. Three standard models are available, each with two calibers on the same gauge. These gauges are made to conform to international [ISSF] regulations.

Pistol Scoring Gauge Magnifier Overlay

Specs: .38 / .45       (.357” / .452”)


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